Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Zara Skort

Skort: Zara
Shoes: Office

I bought the very famous Zara skort a couple of days ago so I'm currently in the process of trying to find different items of clothing I can wear with it. I managed to put together only one outfit that I actually liked as I'm not a massive fan of the back, so this top was at the perfect length to cover enough of my bum/the shorts but short enough at the front to show off the skort detailing. 

How would you style the Zara Skort?

(Sorry the poor quality pictures, my camera will be out the the next one)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Denim on Black

Dress: Oh My Love
Jacket: Topshop
Scarf: Topshop
Shoes: Office

It's come to my realisation that I have an obsession with all clothes black and denim. In my opinion they go together so effortlessly whether its to look casual or more on the smart side. Plus black and denim are both very timeless and are never going to go out of fashion. My new lined denim jacket is already a most worn item in my collection as it's ultimate Spring staple piece as it's perfect for those days where it's still chilly but not chilly enough for the good old winter coat.

My new Doc Martens are only a few days old as well so I'm still breaking them in... Ouch. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Week In Photos #1

Hey! My names Becca, I'm 19 and from a small town called Buxton. This is my first blog post and I've decided to do something pretty simple and put together the last so many days of my not so interesting life through the eyes of Instagram (beccaxxxxx if you're wondering ;)

Hopefully in the near future I'll be posting more fashion minded posts but for now, this will have to do.

1) I got my haircut and it's very short in comparison to what it used to be 2) my favourite ootd at the moment, I'll do a post on it shortly 3) MAYDAY PARADE my favourite band ever, it was amazing 4) lunch at pesto, 3 mini dishes for under £8 cant complain 5) girls night out 6) snuggles with my favourite little person 7) drunk times for a friends leaving party/birthday party.